Packing Tips

1. Let Champion Movers pack and move your stuff. SO WORTH IT! Then you can drive your family in the comfort of your own car. This is a lot less stressful than driving a heavy loaded, gas guzzling, moving van really slow for miles and miles. The additional bonus is that you can make a road trip out of your travels. Take your time, see some sites and make some memories.

But, if you decide to do your own packing, here’s some good advice.

2. Break down or disassemble furniture, as many pieces as you can. Every square foot counts (no matter who you are moving with) but that is one of the greatest features of Champion Movers. If you end up using 20 feet and not 28 feet you will only pay for 20 feet and save money. We all like to save money!

3. Use that awesome stretch wrap for packing! If you buy one packing supply besides tape, this is what you want! We got our at Walmart and went through 3 rolls. What ever you want to group together you can, using the plastic wrap without having to deal with the goop that tape leaves behind! We used this a lot for the furniture we broke down.

4. Use lots of tie-down straps. 12 feet or longer. Every two feet on the walls of the trailer, there are slots that you can use for securing tie-downs to keep your things from shifting too much, during transit. I used about 12 throughout the whole trailer.

5. Buy furniture pads to protect your furniture from rubbing and scratches. We actually bought ours from U-pack when we moved from North Carolina (we also use blankets!). We also use left over boxes to wrap furniture too!

6. Turn drawer hardware inside out. If you have handles that stick out from dressers, buffets, these can scratch other pieces. If you take them out, and re-screw them on inside out. You won’t lose your hardware, but you also will protect your other pieces of furniture.

7. Use the drawers in furniture to protect your small fragile items. I wrapped up glass items with bubble wrap in the drawers of my buffet and sturdy furniture drawers. Nothing broke! YAY!

8. Never pack liquids in unmarked boxes!! We learned this the hard way… okay well technically it was more of an accident BUT it was really sad. When we were moving from North Carolina, I packed a bunch of stuff early on. Only ONE of those boxes had any liquid. Of course that box was placed over my piano, and got crushed… and you can see what happened to the piano in that linked post. Not an exciting thing to find a damaged piano believe me, I know!

9. Pack the whole truck to the ceiling and fill every little gap. Remember the game Tetris. Well, you will be playing it in real life as you load the truck. Take your time do get things placed just right. We actually used our couch cushions and pillows, as gap fillers, throughout the packing. We took the covers off to protect the fabric or had them in large garbage sacks. This tip sort of depends on who you move with. If you move with someone else, just remember to keep the height of your stuff even throughout the trailer.

10. Drag out an extension cord to the end of the trailer so you can plug in a fan and some music while packing. It makes life so much nicer, especially in the hot summer months. This will keep you cool and keep you in a better mood while packing the truck. When we were packing the trailer was 105 degrees inside HOT MUCH?

11. When moving in the heat, drink lots of water and take breaks every couple of hours, to avoid heat exhaustion. A small cooler filled with drinks, at the end of the trailer is a great idea especially if you have helpers (or keep them in the fridge, just make sure everyone knows they are welcome to grab them as the want them)

12. Store with ABF. If you need an extra month you can keep your stuff on the trailer and only unpack once. We didn’t do this when we moved from Utah to North Carolina.. We unloaded it into a storage unit and that was a 25 minute drive from our final home. That meant like 800 trips back and forth from storage when we finally got into our home. PAIN IN THE NECK! When we moved to Texas, we stored it for a month. It saved our life! Especially when the jerk person we bought the house from didn’t sign the contract for 13 days…. and were homeless, without a place to put our stuff!

13. BUY DONUTS or pizza or both and water/soda on the day of the move! If you want people to help you let them know where they are and offer them food and drinks through out the move!